Why Kollfree?

KollFree is a state of art technology in the field of communication which helps in stay connected with their loved ones even when they are miles apart. The application facilitates features which will connect over a million of users no matter who they are or where they are.

We have direct routes with some of the major telecoms so we can guarantee calls across the globe and also provide the custom package for different countries. The call quality is one of the best in its kind as we have connected through Optical Fiber Cable lines which will help you to get crystal clear sound quality.

Don't feel you are miles away from your dear ones, transfer the balance to them just with a click or send a top up to them anywhere anytime because we have the mobile top-up option which is best among the few available in the market.


Kollfree is designed with State of Art voice codec which will maintain crystal clear voice quality. The server optimization helps to regulate the call connecting time and connects the call in lowest time and allows you to make the calls independent of the network you are using.

Custom Packages

We have connected with all the major telecoms around the globe to provide to serve all the people better and provide calling package to all the people around the globe. We have designed all the packs to Gold, Silver, Platinum categories to make it suitable for wide range of customers. Just select a package and start enjoying free minutes to the destination in just a button click.

Mobile Top-up

Mobile phones are increasing every day. The need to recharge is increasing. Don’t make your distance feel you are unable to recharge. The A-Z destinations recharge solution allows you to recharge your loved ones across the globe and recharge with 99.9% success rates.

Balance Transfer

Balance transfer is a technology which help you to share balance with your loved ones. The unique PIN or your phone number can be used as the username to perform balance transfer. Share your balance and build your relations. The balance transfer happens instantly so never wait long to get the balance or transfer it.

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